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Validating measurements
Make sure to eliminate human errors before handing over the installation to your customer.
Learn how to check and validate the measurements by Smappee Infinity or the Smappee car charger.
EV Line Essentials
The basics on Smappee EV Line, its functionalities and charging options.
In this course you’ll learn about:
- The different EV Line products
- Smappee’s unique dynamic load balancing and smart charging
- Charging session activation and payment
Charge your electric vehicle
Learn the difference between Plug and charge, Scan and charge, Swipe and charge (Split billing), Swipe and charge (Whitelisting) and Swipe and charge (Public charging).

Discover which option is the best for your customer.
EV Ultra Installation
How to install EV Base Ultra and configure it for smart charging.
In this course you’ll learn:
- To prepare the foundation, power and ethernet connection
- About phase rotation for charging squares
- Installation and configuration of the EV Base Ultra
- To educate the end user
Teltonika 4G Router setup
In this course you’ll learn how to set up and configure a Teltonika RUT240 router to use as a 4G Access point.
Cascade Overload Protection
In this course you’ll learn how cascade overload protection can be used to offer even more protection against tripped fuses in specific situations.