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Infinity Installation
Prepare and select the right modules. Install and configure correctly.
In this courses you’ll learn:
- To select the right modules for the installation
- To prepare and install the modules
- To configure the Infinity set-up correctly
- To validate the Infinity installation
Infinity Support
Learn how to offer first line support and resolve issues remotely.
In this course you’ll learn:
- To validate a new installation via the Dashboard
- To use the phasor display and load configuration card
- To identify the source of measurement issues and resolve them
- To perform a factory reset and reset Wi-Fi settings
Validating measurements
Make sure to eliminate human errors before handing over the installation to your customer.
Learn how to check and validate the measurements by Smappee Infinity or the Smappee car charger.
Multi-gateway setup
You need to combine data from multiple breaker panels or locations? Here is the solution you need.
In this course you’ll learn to identify use cases for a multi gateway situation and setup the environment as needed.
MID meter setup
In this course you’ll learn the different use cases and how to setup an MID Meter.

Miele and Home Connect integration
In this course you’ll learn about the integration between Smappee Infinity, Miele and Home Connect

Input and output module setup
In this course you’ll learn how to add input and output modules to an Infinity configuration. You'll also learn how to automate the behaviour of Infinity by creating automations based on conditions.
Teltonika 4G Router setup
In this course you’ll learn how to set up and configure a Teltonika RUT240 router to use as a 4G Access point.
Cascade Overload Protection
In this course you’ll learn how cascade overload protection can be used to offer even more protection against tripped fuses in specific situations.